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10 Fantastic Family Activities for Indoor Winter Fun

So the word going around is that this winter is going to be a cold one! That can make finding fun family activities a real challenge. But fear not! I’ve gathered 10 fantastic family activities in the Puget Sound area so the fun doesn’t have to stop!

1: Trampoline Nation, Federal Way

Who doesn’t love bouncing on a trampoline? This place has tons of huge trampolines and lots of exciting activities to go along with them! You’ll have so much fun jumping away, you’ll forget all about the weather outside!

(Good for families with slightly older children – teens. No jumpers under 3 are allowed)

2: Warehouse Rock Gym, Olympia

Warehouse Rock Gym is a perfect place for kids bubbling over with extra energy! Now instead of bouncing off the walls, they can climb them! This is a great activity that makes exercise fun and exciting for the whole family!

(Good for families of all ages. Climbers of any age welcome. Children 3 and under climb free!)

3: WiggleWorks Kids, Puyallup

If you’re looking for something specifically for your little ones, WiggleWorks is for you! This place is a wonderland for toddlers and small children! Full of exciting activities in a safe and supervised environment, it’s great fun for everyone!

(Good for families with infants – preschool aged children. Height limit of 48″)

4: Skate Tiffany’s, Puyallup

This local business has been going strong for decades! If you want your children to experience a classic skate inn, Tiffany’s is the perfect place to go! They feature a large skating rink with skate rentals, as well as food and an arcade! There’s something for everyone to love!

(Good for families with slightly older children – teens who can keep their balance on skates)

5: Bounce E House, Tacoma

What child doesn’t get excited at the sight of inflatable bounce houses? Bounce E House in Tacoma offers a safe, clean indoor collection of many exciting inflatables. Great for parties, or just a day of fun!

(Good for families of all ages)

6: Frog n Kiwi Cafe, University Place

If you’re looking for something a little more relaxing, why not visit Frog n Kiwi Cafe? They serve excellent local coffee and baked goods, and have a fantastic play room for children! Keep in mind the Uplay Town Center costs a small admission fee, and be sure to call ahead to make sure it isn’t booked for parties! This place is a great option to relax with a tasty treat while the kiddos play!

(Good for families with younger children)

7: Tinkertopia, Tacoma

Now here’s a place to really let your children’s creative ingenuity shine! Build gadgets, games, create art! The possibilities are endless! Let your little inventors have the time of their lives creating their very own masterpieces!

(Good for families of all ages)

There’s no better place for children to both learn and have fun than a museum! Enjoy the many exhibits and watch your children play, learn, and grow! There’s no age too early to grow a passion for museums and preservation!

(Good for families with younger children. Ideal for children 1 – 5.)

For those of you with older children, the Tacoma Art Museum may be the perfect day trip! Make learning fun, and instill the value of fine art in your family! You can go alone, or go on a guided tour! There’s so many wonderful things to see! Make a challenge of finding everyone’s favorite art style!

(Good for families of all ages. Good activity for older children and teens)

10: Odyssey 1, Tacoma

Always an incredible place for a day filled with unforgettable fun. Odyssey 1 offers something for all ages. Little ones and children can enjoy the enormous Jungle Gym Soft Play Park, while older kids and teens will love the expansive arcade! And don’t forget an intense round of laser tag! You can have parties here, or just have a day of fun! Memories are just begging to be made here!

(Good for families of all ages)

Even if the winter is harsh, there are plenty of places to spend some good quality time with your loved ones! The Puget Sound is truly a great place to live!

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