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A Town Hall Summary For Those Who Missed It

Last night’s Town Hall meeting was a packed house!  It’s always great to see that kind of community involvement.

I was in attendance, AND on time, stayed until pretty much the end and took some notes.  Here’s what I noted-

Currently, we have 675 occupied homes, which equates to roughly 2000 residents.  There are 450 lots currently in development that are due to be done in the next 60-90 days.

town hall construction

Ah… the infamous 198th project! We finally punched 198th through a few months ago (even though that was due to be done in 2014) but haven’t installed the real signal lights because the poles can’t pass inspection.

Next they discussed the 2nd phase of the 198th from 120th to 1st roundabout project and informed us that it is under permitting. This is the project that will widen 198th and decrease the grade of the hill. Thankfully this won’t affect traffic as they will be building the new 198th directly to the east of current road.

Commercial property plans were announced too. The first of these plans is for a storage facility. This will be your typical air conditioned storage place for those of us with too much stuff, and it will include outdoor RV and boat storage. This will be located on 198th by the first roundabout on the east side of 198th.


Another quick note to mention is that Costco is NOT coming to Tehaleh. They are going to be located behind Albertsons!  In addition to this, our first Town Center should be breaking ground 2nd quarter 2017. It is due to open in 2018!

Next, the new elementary school is underway and is currently named Elementary #9. An official name will be chosen and announced next year. You can expect to see the school up and running for the 2018-19 school year! It will be the first elementary in the Sumner School District with the STEM program.


Finally, the second entrance / exit for Tehaleh is due to open in 2022. In doing so, an enormous amount of gravel has to be moved in order to make this happen. It’s currently already underway with permitting and all the county government red tape.

There were lots of questions, and of course complaints as well. However, I didn’t take note of those as I try to focus on the positive and not the negative. Tehaleh is an amazing place to live and there will always be curmudgeons in such a large crowd.

If you were unable to make this meeting, we hope to see you there next time!

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