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January Business Spotlight

Do you have trouble finding amazing skincare that actually does what it says it will? I did too until I found MaxDahlia. This brand is truly the real deal, they focus on developing formulas using only the most beneficial, scientifically proven ingredients that are clean and non toxic and combining them with plant based nutrients.

I recently did an interview with the owner and local Tehaleh resident, Meisha to dig deeper into her business and find out how she started creating fresh skincare.

Meisha launched MaxDahlia just 1 year ago but has been working on creating skincare and perfecting her formulas for several years prior. She told me that she has been obsessed with skin care and the beauty industry since she was 8.

Starting a skincare business wasn’t really on her radar until she got pregnant, at that point she became very cautious about the products she was using on her body. Meisha really started digging into what ingredients were in the products that were on the market and knew that she could do better. She started taking tons of chemistry, biology and organic biology classes and did a ton of research on each ingredient that she uses in her products today.

When I asked Meisha what she loved most about her business she said that when clients reach out to her and let her know that their skin has improved and looks great. She truly feels that with the hectic schedules and worries in everyone’s daily lives their skin shouldn’t be something they have to worry about. Connecting with her clients has a huge impact on her.

One of the toughest questions I asked Meisha was which product was her favorite. I was really intrigued to find out since I personally love her whole line. She told me that she loves Flora-A Treatment Creme Oil, her routine in the evening and finishing up with Flora-A is her favorite way to end her day. Needless to say this was a tough question for her to answer.

When Meisha isn’t in her lab mixing products and filling orders you can find her spending time with her two kiddos and husband, doing Yoga (another big passion of hers), going to a great rock concert in the area, or creating new skincare products. After our conversation I could truly feel the passion she has for her business and her clients.

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