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New Fire Station Coming Soon to Tehaleh

As many of you know, Tehaleh is an ever growing and changing community. Tehaleh's original developer Newland opened the first model homes in the fall of 2012, with the long term plan of continuing to develop the community over the next 20 years. While there are many fun amenities in the works ( a bike park, retail, restaurants & more...yah!), there are also plans to continue to improve the infrastructure of the community as well. One of those such improvements is the development of an East Pierce County Fire Station- right here in Tehaleh! The land for this station was generously deeded to East Pierce County Fire back in 2017 by the developer Newland. After a bond was approved by the voters of Pierce County to build the station 4 years ago, plans are now finally under way to begin construction on the station. The Tehaleh Fire Station 117 will be located at the corner of Cascadia and 181st Ave E. This is an exciting development for the current and future residents of Tehaleh because it will significantly shorten the response time to emergencies within the community. It will also help lessen the strain on other local fire stations, which will help make the community safer for everyone. Below is a picture of the current proposed fire station, with current plans to begin construction in early 2023. Yah for infrastructure improvements!

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