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Perhaps you have heard of our client events from your friends or neighbors, or even saw a post on social media. And you thought to yourself- "Hey! How can I get invited to all these cool events + be a part of those awesome giveaways?! I want in on the fun!" Well good news, not only am I here today to tell you all about our MVP program, BUT it's super simple to become an MVP yourself!

So what is our MVP program? By deciding to do business with our team (either buying a home, selling a home, or referring a friend/family member/ co-worker to our team) you become our MVP! That means as one of my MOST VALUABLE PARTNERS you are able to claim my monthly gift offers. You read that right...EACH MONTH! Our giveaways range from golf gift certificates, pedicures, roses for Valentine's day....just to name a few. As an MVP you will also receive an exclusive invite to our fun events! For instance, just over the summer we hosted an all inclusive party at a Rainiers baseball game for all our MVPs. How awesome is that?! By demonstrating that *we* are *YOUR* Realtors of choice- you become our MVP.

But the perks do not end there! If you send us the name of a referral that ends in an appointment with just became our ALL STAR for the next 6 months! That means you get an All-Star Starbucks Gift Card that is loaded with $$ each month for 6 months! Pretty awesome right?! To keep the caffeine flowing, simply send us a new referral. That will get you 6 more months!

Finally, the most exclusive club of our MVPs. For the top 10% of our MVPs (those that have sent multiple referrals, and done multiple pieces of business with us), you are invited to THE WINNERS CIRCLE! Winner's Circle members get invited to exclusive events and receive additional monthly giveaway perks.

So start sending us those referrals and give us a call if you are considering buying or selling your home and become one of *our* MVPs. We are YOUR Realtors and we are here to help!

Liz Johnson


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