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Choosing Custom Windows

Custom windows can really add a lot of life and personality to your home. They can also be a great option if you struggle with getting enough natural light with your currently installed windows. Installing custom windows is kind of a big decision though, especially if you aren’t really sure what sort of windows you’d like. While your choice in large part depends on personal preference, there are a few other considerations that might help you decide as well. So if you’re considering custom windows, here are a few things to keep in mind that might make choosing a bit easier.

Existing Custom Windows One thing that can really affect your choice of custom windows is whether your home already has custom windows. This doesn’t necessarily mean big bay windows or other notable customizations; in many cases, custom windows look similar to standard windows but are simply a non-standard size. If you want to upgrade these windows, you’ll obviously need to get custom windows to replace them, unless you opt to make changes to the wall that will allow standard windows to be used in the replacement. The same goes for more obvious custom windows such as bay windows; if you want to replace or update them, you’ll need to get custom windows as an update.

How Much Room Is Available? Assuming that you aren’t simply updating existing custom windows, you’ll need to see if there’s enough room on the wall for the type of window that you want to install. This doesn’t mean just checking the available wall space; it’s possible that there could be conduits, cables, or other structures within the wall itself that would make it difficult for large custom windows to be installed. Bear in mind that this isn’t always obvious at first glance, which is why it’s important to talk to a contractor or other custom installer to get an idea about what is and isn’t possible in the space that you have.

Custom Panes vs. Custom Windows

Not all window updates require fully replacing the windows that you have. In some cases, you may be able to simply replace the existing glass with custom panes that change the look or function of your windows. This can add a unique style to your windows, replace older window glass with newer glass that provides better UV filtering, or make other changes while keeping the same frames and general overall look of your windows.

Home Styles

After going through some of the considerations above, you may also consider the overall style of your home to try and figure out what would look best. Some homes look nice with oversized windows or mullions that break up what would otherwise be a standard single pane. This is subject to personal style and preference, of course, and there may be considerations such as whether you have restrictions from a HOA that would prevent some window updates. Still, it’s an important consideration when thinking about custom windows, since your home’s style will affect how the windows look in the end.

The Cost of Custom Windows As with anything custom, having custom windows installed will obviously cost a bit more than a standard window installation. The size, complexity, and materials involved in the custom window installation will play a big part in the cost. Obviously, just installing a non-standard window will cost less than a large bay or mullioned window, but it’s still going to cost you a bit more than an “off the shelf” standard-sized window. This cost will need to be considered as it will affect what sort of changes will fit into your budget.

Custom Window Installation Once you have an idea of what you want for your home, you still have to get those windows installed. Because custom windows can be tricky, it’s important to get a professional you can trust to measure and install the custom windows for you. HomeKeepr can help! Sign up for a free account today and get connected with pros based on real recommendations from people you know and trust. Before you know it, the custom windows of your dreams will be a reality.

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