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Freshen Up Your Space!

Spring is arguably one of the prettiest times in the PNW! The flowers are blooming, the sky is blue (well some of the time anyway), the birds are chirping & the baby animals are out in full force. As Mother Nature is "freshening up" outside, now is a great time to freshen up inside your house too! Here are 10 tips to give your home a fresh look!

1.) It smells like spring!

Put away those winter time candles & essential oils, and put out the spring time ones! By using scents such as lemon, lavender & eucalyptus, your home smell like spring indoors too!

2.) Bring in the green!

Adding some indoor plants to your space will not only improve the air inside your home, but will also add that pop of greenery too. For a bold move- consider an indoor tree.

3.) Open the windows!

Open those windows and let the fresh air in! It's a simple step, but essential after having your house closed up for the past 6 months!

4.) Switch up those knickknacks!

Sunny days are the best ones to pull all those knickknacks & books off your shelves, and get the dust that has been hiding from you during the darker winter months. Before you put your items back on the shelf, consider switching up the placement for a fresh look!

5.) New color!

Add a new colorful object or painting your space! If you are feeling really bold- consider painting an accent wall in a bright and colorful shade!

6.) Pillow talk!

Who doesn't love a good throw pillow?! Throw pillows can really add a homey feeling to a space. Consider purchasing some new throws in that new accent color you picked out. It will tie the room together!

7.) Area rug refresh!

By using different textures in area rugs throughout your home, you will be adding some personality and flare to your space!

8.) Lighten things up!

By swapping out some darker woods for lighter toned wood, you will be brightening up your space! White stained and lighter natural toned woods are very en vouge right now.

9.) Brighten the room!

Consider adding some new lamps throughout your home. Lamps will not only brighten up a dark corner, but will add some softer ambience to the space as well.

10.) Wall spruce!

Changing the placement of your current wall art, or even adding in some new pieces, will do wonders for updating the mood of your home!

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