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GO Green in the Pacific Northwest!!

Most of us have heard the term "green house", "green appliance", "green materials". But what does that really mean? These terms are really referring to being green certified. According to NWMLS, who keeps track of all things home, green certified is "an endorsement given to homes that are built to meet specific environmental sustainability criteria, such as resource efficiency, energy conservation, and waste reduction." Homes with these features are often called "Built Green", "LEED" "Green House", and "NW Energy Star".

Building a "green" house, or adding green features to an already existing one, has many perks. First it helps reduce your footprint on are environment. Next it costs you less money to use your appliances in your home. Finally homes that are certified green sold for 20% more than those without in the PNW. In fact NWMLS Real Estate Agents found that green certified homes sold for a median sales price of $740,000 versus $591,000 for those without! Clearly buyers in our region truly value this feature!

So what are some ways a home can be green?

-Energy Star Windows

-Green energy source (ie, solar panels, geothermal energy)

-Green landscaping (planting perennials over annuals as they use less water)

-water conservation features (install low flow alternative fixtures in the bathroom)

-Green construction materials (bamboo, steel, cork)

-Green roof (roof top gardens)

-Green heating & cooling (Solar assisted HVAC, Geothermal, Hydronic)

-Green flooring (bamboo, concrete)

It pays to go green!!

References NWMLS "Green" @

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