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Happy Chinese New Year!

The Chinese calendar is a made up of a 12 year cycle, with a different animal for each year.

Your Chinese zodiac animal sign is determined by the animal of the year of your birth.

2024 is the year of the DRAGON!!

The Dragon is said to bring opportunities, changes and challenges into the lives of all. For babies born under the Dragon sign, they are said to be courageous, intelligent, tenacious, enthusiastic and confident.

On Feb. 10 the Chinese Lunar New Year begun, which is the start of the first new moon of the lunar calendar. This kicks off a full 15 days of celebrations for the Chinese culture! This weekend marks the final celebration.

How is the Chinese New Year celebrated? We are so glad you asked! It is customary to wear red, to hang banners, and light off fireworks. It is said by wearing red and making loud noises you will scare off the mystic beast Nian, and old Chinese folk tale.

At Chinese New Year celebrations there will be entertainment, cultural dances, and traditional food.

Here are 3 local events that are sure to be a blast this Chinese New Year!

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