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Have your home work SMARTER, not harder

In honor of International Smart Home Day, yes that is a thing, we wanted to share with you ways to make your home smarter. And with that, your life easier! By now we all know the basic smart home features- the alarm system, thermostat, and even your lights. However, we bet there's a few more smart items that you did NOT know existed! Let us share them with you!

  1. Smarter Laundry! You can know connect your phone to your washer and dryer when using a smart home enabled set. This allows you to be alerted when a washer or dryer cycle has ended, and even lets you start or stop a laundry load. You can even set up alerts to remind you to get your clothes from the dryer. No more discovering a forgotten (and now wrinkled) laundry load! How cool is that?

  2. Smarter Fridges! With smart home enabled fridges, you can connect them to not only your phone but your smart home devices as well (such as your Alexa). They are energy efficient, and allow you to check on your food supplies, adjust temperature, order food from your smart device and even send a shopping list. If you connect your grocery order to a supermarket that offers delivery, you will have a stocked fridge with minimal work. Talk about working smarter not harder!

  3. Pet Camera! Ever wonder what your furry friend is doing while you are out of the house? Now you can know, with pet cameras! These cameras not only allow you to video stream them onto your phone, but allow you to speak to them as well. They even have an optional feature which allows you to give your pet a treat. Bonus feature- barking alert! Your dog/cat is going to love it!

  4. Smarter Coffee Makers! It's not going to be a good day without that cup of java, am I right?! There's a surprising amount of smart coffee makers on the market, which allow you to auto-grind those java beans and control the machine from your phone. This means you can have a coffee shop level coffee by only pressing a button on your phone when you wake up. Heavenly!

  5. Smart Water Sensors! For anyone that's had a water disaster happen in their home, you know of the amount of costly destruction just a small amount of water can do. Often these water accidents happen at night, or while we are out of the home. This is where the water sensors come in. These sensors are linked to your phone, sending you a real time update that there has been water detected where it should not be. Stick them anywhere there's a water pipe- the laundry room, under the dishwasher, the kids bathroom, etc. You can also set up the sensors to give off an alert sound too. Smart and money saving- win win!

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