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Hit the Trails @ Trek!

As Tehaleh is an ever-growing community on a 20+ year development plan, there are always new amenities and features for Tehaleh residents to enjoy. The newest feature is a mountain bike park! As mountain biking is a growing sport in the PNW, this is sure to be a popular attraction.

Here are some interesting facts about The Trek @ Tehaleh:

* The park's official name is "The Trek Mountain Bike Park".

*The Trek is *officially* open and ready for bikers to hit the trails!

*This park consists of over 6.5 miles of trails through beautiful Tehaleh forests.

*There is a 260 foot elevation difference from top to bottom!

*There are a variety of different trails for different riding styles, including jump trails, cross country trails, and a dual slalom trail (side by side trails used for racing)!

* There are different trails for all activity levels as well, so all riders from beginners to those more experienced can enjoy the park.

*The trails are color coded to make it easier for riders:




-double black=most advanced riders

*Mountain bike enthusiastic volunteers helped make this park a reality, by donating over 1,000 hours to the cause!

*The Trek will be maintained by a joint effort of the Pierce County Parks and the Pierce County mountain bike group!

*The Trek is a year round trail!

After you hit the trails let us know how you like it! Happy biking!


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