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Home Maintenance Tips for AFTER A Winter Storm

Mother Nature likes to show off to the PNW during the winter months. High winds, pouring rain, & heavy snow fall are all to be expected. This also means there's the potential for power outages & hazardous road conditions. Most residents know what to do to prepare for winter weather. Items like stocking the pantry with shelf stable food, having a supply of clean water, stocking up on batteries for the flashlights, & making sure there are lots of warm blankets in the house. However what many PNW homeowners don't know is what to do *after* the storm hits. Read on for 8 storm maintenance tips to protect and maintain your home after stormy weather.

1.) Use caution around any downed power lines. Do not touch them, and be sure to call your power companies emergency line immediately.

2.) Check for any trees that have been uprooted, but not fallen to the ground. These are a major hazard!

3.) Clear gutters of debris, and make sure they are draining at least 3 feet from your foundation.

4.) Check the attic and basement for any leaks.

5.) Monitor snow load in trees, especially around the driveway and house.

6.) Clear walkways and the driveway of any leaves which could become slick, and of snow. Put down ice melt if necessary.

7.) Keep faucets dripping if you have lost power to prevent your pipes from freezing.

8.) Clear any large icicles from the roof.

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