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Home Staging: A great way to make your home memorable

When listing your home for sale, many people wonder what they can do to set their home apart from the other homes on the market. One of those ways is to stage your home! Staged homes not only sell quicker, but they sell for more money. Staging your home involves bringing in a professional stager who will set up and design your empty home. For example, new builds will stage the model home to attract home buyers. A staged home is appealing to buyers because it allows them to visualize what your home could look like and how they can utilize a space. For example, a home buyer might walk into your large empty loft and think "Geez! Look a this big open space! What could I even do with this?!". And just like that, an awesome home feature becomes a negative one to the potential buyer. However, now imagine you've had your home professionally staged. The home stager has set up the large loft as a "flex space" with room to work and room to play. Or perhaps decorated it as a movie room, or even a fitness area. Suddenly the space has a function. Which helps the buyer to see how they could live in this home too.

To see how a staged home looks in a real listing, check out one of our current listings. This home is unoccupied, and therefore was empty. After having it professionally staged by the amazing professionals over at Details Home Staging in University Place (check out their website at Details Home Staging – detailshomestudio), the home was completely brought to life. See the images for yourself at

One of the many perks of hiring the Liz Keeps It Real Estate Team is the experience that comes from selling hundreds and hundreds of homes. With that experience, comes an abundance of knowledge and "tricks" to get your home sold too. As well as reliable referrals for those services. Home staging is one of them. Interested in learning about how our team can help you? Give us a call at 253.670.0357.

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