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Importance of Home Maintenance

If we are being honest (and isn't that what our team is all about after all?!), no homeowner likes home maintenance. If they do- it's safe to say they are telling a fib! However routine home maintenance ensures your home is in optimal condition, and thus preserves it's resale value.

Think of your home as a car, if you will. With annual maintenance & routine oil changes, your can will continue to run smoothly with minimal repairs. However, when you start neglecting those tasks your car will begin to break down & require costly repairs to get it up and running again. The same is true for your home. As the old saying goes, "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure"! Fun fact- a homeowner should be spending $1 per square foot of their home a year on home maintenance.

Now this might sound overwhelming, but there's ways to make it more manageable. First, start by breaking down the home maintenance tasks into smaller monthly ones throughout the year. Next, remember you don't have to do them all yourself! Some tasks are best done by a professional after all. If you need the name of a local professional, send our team a DM. We'd be happy to give you a referral. We are *your* home resource after all!

Bonus tip- sign up at for our team's monthly newsletter for your monthly home maintenance to-do's! Happy cleaning!

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