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Interior Design for 2024

Ringing in the new year comes with resolutions, new fashion trends & of course new interior design choices. 2023 saw home trends such as bold design choices, lots of greenery, and earthy colors. 2024 looks to be going in an entirely new direction for home interior. Without further ado, here are ten design choices the experts expect to see in homes this year.

1.) Playful decor : Colorful patterns are expected to take the place of more monochrome choices, especially in the bedroom. This will allow homeowners to put more of their personality into their spaces.

2.) Ceiling design : Out with the white, and in with color, wallpaper, and texturing for 2024 ceilings.

3.) Olive Green : Look for olive toned green color schemes in a home near you!

4.) Stripes : Stripes are predicted to come back in a big way! Look for stripped wall paper, furniture, accent piece and curtains in a home near you!

5.) Pine : Pine wood will be the popular wood choice for furniture.

6.) Warm Whites : Cool whites have been the popular homeowner choice for many years. This year, warmer white tones, such as cream, off white, vanilla, are expected to make a comeback.

7.) Browns : We aren't sure how we fee about this one, but the brown color scheme is predicted to emerge again in popularity. Reminiscent from the early 2000s, this is a predictable trend given how popular earthy tones have been.

8.) Hardwood Flooring laid in patterns : Speaking of brown, hardwood flooring will remain a popular choice for homeowners. The 2024 difference will be the ways in which the flooring is laid- into patterns such as chevron.

9.) Glass : Glass accent pieces will become a key feature in home design, but as a way to add personality and color to a space.

10.) Checkerboard : We are of the opinion that checkerboard is a timeless tile design. So are pleased to see it's popularity increasing again. However it won't just be for backroom tile. The checkerboard design is set to be see in rugs, accent pieces, in bedding, and accent walls.

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