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It’s Time to Refinance or Invest!

If you have been thinking about refinancing your home or buying an investment property now is the time! Rates are at an all time low!

Hey guys it’s Liz Johnson with Keller Williams Realty. And today I wanted to share some pretty exciting news with you.

I know the news is like oh dooms day and the economy. And guess what. Interest rates are at an all time low.

I’ve got a little thing here on my screen that I’m going to try to see here, 30 year fixed we’re looking at 3.25%, 15 year fixed 2.875%. All sorts of craziness. A 30 year fixed to VA is at 3.0 percent.

So the point of me telling you this I’m not a lender and I don’t pretend to be but I know I’m thinking about refinancing a property or two maybe. And if you are looking to buy something I’m currently not. But if you are and I know some of you are because you’re on my list people call even for investment properties. This is a great time to pull the trigger or jump off the fence or something dangerous. It’s not dangerous when money is this cheap though. So stop putzing stand around and let’s do something. So I’ve got me and a great team here to help you find the property. So anyway call me 253.670.0357 and we’ll be talking soon.

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