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In April 2022, the Liz Keeps It Real Estate Team partnered with Place. Many of you might be wondering- so what IS Place exactly? And how does it affect our clients? We would love to tell you all about the ways our team is "powered" by Place. Place was co-founded by entrepreneur and top real estate agent Ben Kinney. Per Place, it is the " industry's own brokerage, agnostic, all-in-one real estate platform providing technology, & services to the top 20% of real estate agents focused on delivering unparalleled consumer experiences". So, what does that look like?

- Technology: Our team is now utilizing a technology platform that was developed by Place. This platform boasts the best in the industry CRM! This is a great asset is passed along to our clients through our monthly housing market summaries & home evaluations. The Place platform also allows our team to streamline our communication with our clients and other professionals involved in your real estate transaction. This ensures that everyone is "on the same page", and results in a high quality-low stress transaction for our clients.

-Client Landing Page: When our clients are buying or selling their home, they are set up with a Place landing page. Through this page they will be able to track their real estate transaction. Our clients will be alerted to showing feedback, open houses, important milestones, etc. all in one place. How cool is that?!

-Trainings: As the top real estate agent in Washington for the past 13+ years, Ben Kinney & Place provide essential training & education to our team. This ensures our team stays on top of new real estate laws & procedures. For our clients, this means that when they work with our team they can be assured that they are working with the most qualified real estate agents in the field.

-Marketing: Through our new Place powered website, our team is able to advertise our listings to a larger audience than ever. This means that our listings will have a greater opportunity to get that amazing offer faster!

-Finance: This is an optional by amazing service offered to our clients. Place has it's own mortgage brokerage. For any clients looking to be pre-approved for a home, we can refer you over & you can rest assured you will be in amazing hands!

Over the past year, our team has LOVED the trainings, technology & support that has come from Place. We believe that all this support has brought higher quality real estate services to our clients! We can't wait to see what the next year will bring for our team, now that we are powered by Place.

Whether you are buying new construction or a resale property, or selling your home in Tehaleh, Liz Johnson and the Liz Keeps It Real Estate Team are YOUR local expert & are here to help you. We are truly your resource for all things home in Tehaleh.

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