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Reasons To Make Your Home A Little More... GREEN

This week, in honor of Earth Day, the Liz Keeps It Real Estate Team has been focusing on GREEN 🌎️! With topics ranging from air purifying plants, ways to reduce your home's energy output, & even the greenest home in the US...we hope we have motivated you to be a little more green in your home! It's easy to get into an all or nothing mentality. But this isn't the case! You don't have to build the next Tah Mah Lah to have a greener home. With the advances in technology, even small changes make a big difference in lowering your energy output. Still on the fence? Read on for the top 10 reasons to upgrade features in your home to more environmentally friendly options!

  1. Increase your home's value! You read that right! Having eco-friendly features in your home will increase your home's value. Many of today's homebuyers state that green features are a major selling point for them! This includes larger projects (such as solar panels), as well as having energy efficient appliances (ie, Energy Star) and low flow toilets.

  2. Cleaner air! Use non-VOC and moisture resistant products in your home, which don't release the harmful chemicals into the air that standard quality products do. These VOC's (volatile organic compounds) are known carcinogens. No one wants those in their home's air!

  3. Use the sun for power! By putting solar panels in your home, you are using a free resource (the sun) to power your home. Another option is to use geothermal technology to heat and cool your home. Both these options can be costly up front, but you will significantly reduce your energy bill AND get tax breaks as well.

  4. Be energy efficient! Whether it's through solar panels, geothermal heating, or energy efficient appliances, they will all lower your energy bill and therefore put more GREEN in your wallet! The U.S. Department of Energy believes we could save 20 BILLION a year by making current buildings more green.

  5. Lower carbon footprint! By reducing your home's carbon footprint, you are helping to preserve our environment for future generations. Remember, even smaller changes add up to big savings over time!

  6. Save more water! By choosing to install water saving plumbing systems, low flow sprinkler systems, and high efficiency toilets in your home, you could see substantial changes in your water bill. For instance, toilets once used up to 7 gallons of water with each flush, but modern toilets use just over a gallon. WOW! Reducing your water use is especially important in states facing droughts, such as Arizona, California, and Nevada.

  7. Preserve your local environment! Green homes aim to preserve their local environment. This could mean putting more drought friendly landscaping in, if you live in a hotter climate. Another example could be to try to keep as much of the natural landscape as possible around your home. Green homes try to decrease their impact on the local ecosystem.

  8. Conserve resources! An important feature of green built homes is using renewable or recycled materials. A green home will aim to upcycle, in order to minimize waste. A great example of making a "green" choice when choosing building materials is flooring! Hardwood flooring, while beautiful, comes from trees that take generations to grow. A green alternative would be bamboo flooring, which is quick and easy to grow. Bonus- it's less expensive too!

  9. Be more productive! A study by the Department of Energy found that workers with better indoor air quality were not only more productive with their daily tasks, but they took less sick days too!

  10. Be a healthier! By choosing non-VOC emitting materials & using air purifying plants in your home, you are significantly increasing your indoor air quality. Don't we all want the cleanest air possible for ourselves, our family and our pets? Plus, cleaner air is linked to lower rates of asthma, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and even stress. Now that's a big win!

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