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Take a hike!

Friday November 17th is National Hiking Day! As if we needed another reason to go hiking in the PNW, amiright?! Late fall isn't typically a high traffic time for hikes, largely due to the weather and dropping temperatures. However with a little preparation, you will be in for a fall treat! Here are some great local spots to take a hike. Be sure to wear layers, a jacket, hat, gloves, charge that phone, and bring extra water. So go take that hike! You are going to love it!

1.) Tehaleh (Bonney Lake, WA)

Isn't Tehaleh that master community out in BL? That's the one! What I bet you didn't know is that there are over 30 miles of trails and 1800+ acres of open space to explore. The beauty of Tehaleh's trails is it allows you to take in some of nature's fall beauty, while still being close to home. You can also get on and off the trails with ease, thereby making the trails as long (or as short) as you wish)!

2.) Skyline Trail

Skyline is one of the most popular trails on Mt. Rainier during the crowded summer months. However one of the perks of fall hiking is less congestion on the trails. This loop trail is approximately 6.2 miles.

3.) Blue Lake

This out & back trail route is approximately 4.6 miles round trip. This is noted as the easiest trail in the North Cascades National Park. Bonus: gorgeous Blue Lake is waiting for you at the end of the hike!

4.) Naches Peak Loop

This trail would be a wonderful one to take the whole family on. It's only 3.2 miles round trip, and is in a loop. Pro tip- hike it counterclockwise for better views!

5.) Mt. St. Helens Loowit Trail

While this hike is a bit of a drive, we assure you it's worth it! It's a very long trail, so it's a "choose your adventure" type of hike. You can pick and choose how long you go for, and to what elevation. The autumn grasses surrounds what's left of Mt St Helens is said to be stunning!

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