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Tehaleh Night at Maris Farms Haunted Woods

maris farms

Halloween is officially on its way! Are you ready for the fright of your life? Maris Farms is here to welcome Tehaleh residents to an evening of horror in their Haunted Woods!

Saturday, October 8th (discount for this date only) Discount Code: Tehaleh16 Enjoy 10% off admission… if you dare

This Halloween season, bring your loved ones and your courage for a night of spooky fun at the Haunted Woods! This year you’ll find even MORE thrills and chills!

Maris Farms Haunted Woods 2016 is presented by Kiss 106.1 FM, and has so much in store for you! Including a 35-minute creepy quest through the corn, then an emotional roller coaster through the forest! This year also features all new characters and sets, so for those scare-junkies out there, you won’t know what to expect!

NOTE: Do to the intense frightening nature of the Haunted Woods attraction, it is NOT recommended for children 10 and under. OR people with heart conditions. Please keep this in mind as there are NO REFUNDS.


General Admission – $25 for Haunted Woods (+$15 for fast pass) (-10% for Tehaleh residents on October 8th) Contact: 253.862.2848 *

If you’re interested in going, there is a large group from Tehaleh planning to go to the 8-9pm slot. Join your neighbors for this frightfully fun event!

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