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This Year's Kitchen Trends

The new year brings with it many changes- a new year, the chance for new beginnings, and new home design trends! 2023 with no different. Curious to see what the top Designers at Better Homes & Gardens have picked as the top 10 trends to see in the kitchen this year? Read on to find out! If you are thinking of making some changes to your kitchen, & implementing some of these ideas, be sure to tag us in a post on social media. We LOVE to see kitchen re-designs! So without further ado, here are the TOP Kitchen Design Trends to see this year.....

  1. Double the Fun! What's that old saying? Too many cooks in the kitchen? With more & more households working from home, they are finding they are not only cooking more but need more kitchen amenities! Therefore the 1st trend is to have 2 of many items- two islands, two sinks, double ovens, etc.

  2. Cabinet Changes! Shaker cabinet styles have been the golden standard for many decades now. However this year designers are encouraging homeowners to think outside the box & re-envision their cabinet styles to better fit with their home decor. The top new cabinet choices will be slimmer and sleeker to fit in with a more modern style.

  3. Making Functional Spaces In Open Concept Floorplans! Open concept floorplans still continue to be the floorplan of choice. However, that has caused homeowners to rethink how they can create individual functional spaces, such as a mudroom, kitchen, living space, etc., in a large open space. This is leading to changes to the kitchen design itself, so the kitchen fits seamlessly into the larger living space.

  4. Windows, Windows, Windows! Oversized windows, window walls & window pivot doors that lead to indoor-outdoor areas will be another trend coming to homes this year. Letting in as much natural light as possible will be the goal.

  5. Earthy Tones! Gone are the dark stone countertops and tile. Homeowners are turning to natural woods and more earthy color tones in the kitchen. Quartz and quartzite will remain top countertop choices. The newest countertop material is Sintered Stone. This is a manufactured counter mater that is non-porous, stain resistant and easy to clean.

  6. Old Fashioned Is Coming Back! According to the design experts at Pintrest, "a major trend of 2023 will be finding ways to honor older pieces, such as vintage furniture, dinnerware and decor." Incorporating the old with the new will be something to keep an eye on!

  7. Keep It Hidden! Keeping the kitchen organized & clutter free is the goal of most homeowners. Easier said than done though, am I right?! That's why the last trend to watch for is under the counter storage system that allows busy cooks to hide those smaller kitchen appliances (coffee pots, toasters, blenders) out of site for a more minimalistic countertop look.

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