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Trendy Halloween Decorations


October, which means..... it's almost time for Halloween!! Fun fact, the most money is spent on Halloween decorations, second only to Christmas. Is this a surprise to you? It's not for me. Driving around my neighborhood of Tehaleh, most of the yards are decked out in some sort of Halloween decorations. It's fun to see hall the different Halloween styles- from the cute to the spooky. If you haven't had a chance to decorate with, or maybe don't know where to start- don't worry! We have the top 5 trendy Halloween decorations for 2022!

1.) Oversized Lawn Decorations

Most of you have seen the social media videos of the awesome 12 foot tall Skeletons from Halloween '21. These oversized decorations are back this year, along with oversized jack-o-lanterns, witches, werewolves and more! Head over the to get your own today! It's sure to be a hit with the kids on Halloween.

2.) Spooky Dinnerware

Whether you are hosting a Halloween themed dinner, or just want to get the family in the Halloween spirit- dinnerware is the perfect way to do it! Retailers have really pulled out all the spooky stops this year- from skeleton wine glasses, to haunting serving trays, and creepy table clothes. My person fav is the coffin shaped charcuterie boards, which you can find on Etsy.

3,)Hocus Pocus Merch

The most popular Halloween movie of 2022 is sure to be Hocus Pocus 2. A follow up to the cult favorite Hocus Pocus, from the early 90s. Have you watched it yet? It's streaming on Disney Plus now. I loved it! The Sanderson sisters are back and better than ever, am I right?! It's no surprise that Hocus Pocus merch is every where- both for decorating indoors and out.

4.) Barbiecore Autumn

Well this is definitely a new one?! It's all things Halloween in bright pink. This is thought to be inspired by the new "Barbie" movie coming out this fall. Glittery skeletons, bright pink spiders and pink Halloween dinnerware. It's certainly bright. What are your thoughts on this trend? I'm not sure pink belongs with Halloween...

5.) Strictly Themed Decor

Hyper-specific theme parties, outfits, and drinks are all the rage right now. This is extending into Halloween decorations too. This means skeletons, pumpkins and ghost decorations extending into every room of your home, and of course the front lawn. With the popularity of Halloween decorating, it's not hard to find Halloween themed soap, towels, and even a horror film bath mat.

Happy Decorating! Tag me in your Halloween decoration pics on social media. Our team can't wait to see them!


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