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Upgrades @ Hounds Hollow Dog Park!

When we say Tehaleh offers amenities for the whole family.... we mean it! This includes your furry 4-legged family members too! Hounds Hollow is a doggie playground located in the Berkley Park section of Tehaleh. The park is fully fenced in, so your dog is welcomed to go off leash. This park is truly the playground of a dog's dreams! It includes wooded walking trails, agility equipment and a large open play area. This park is a popular Tehaleh feature, so your pup is sure to meet up with lots of other dogs during your visit.

Hounds Hollow has been closed for a few months while it underwent some improvements. The large open play area is now completely turf! This means your dog can burn off all that energy, even in the rainy months, with no more muddy paws. This is surely a win for both owner and pup!

Hounds Hollow is open daily from sunrise to sunset. Have a ROOF-ing good time!

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