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What do home buyers REALLY want?

When home-owners are preparing to list their home for sale, many wonder if their home offers the top features new home buyers are looking for. Maybe you have asked yourself that same question! Well a recent study by The National Association of Home Builders revealed the answer. The majority of buyers listed a double sink, walk-in pantry, central kitchen island & kitchen table space for eating as “essential” home features. Other top desirable features include hardwood flooring, a desk area, recessed lighting,laundry room and granite countertops. Features buyers named for their “wish list” included pull out shelves, security cameras and a drinking water filtration system. An interesting difference between the “wants” of new homebuyers versus experienced buyers, is the desire for energy efficient appliances and windows.

On the flip side, home buyers also listed the features they don’t want to see in a new home. They included, laminate counters, ceramic tile kitchen counters, glass walls, & cork flooring. Some other interesting “do not want” features included a golf course in the community, a pet washing station, wine cellar and an in-law suite.

Was there anything on this list that surprised you? I was surprised that a pet washing station made it onto the “do not want” list. I think that would be a pretty convenient home feature for pet owners! I know I would enjoy it with my furry crew.


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