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Winterize Your Home

With the chilly weather, and the temperature continuing to drop, it is essential to make sure your home is properly winterized. This will not only ensure your home stays toasty and warm, but prevent costly repairs from busted pipes and high electrical bills from leaky windows and doors. The following checklist contains easy to implement tasks you can do in a weekend to make sure your home is winter ready. So you can get to the fun stuff--- like making snowmen and drinking hot cocoa.

1.) Weatherproof windows

With the cold weather, it's even easier to check for window leaks. Simply check each window in the home to check for any cold air seeping through the sides. For any leaks, re-apply caulking to seal out the cold.

2.) Inspect the roof

With icy roofs, now is not the best time to be climbing around to check for leaks. Instead check the ceilings in any upstairs rooms (don't forget the closets) for any signs of water damage or active leaks.

3.) Clean gutters

If you haven't already done so this season, make sure to get your gutters cleaned so that they work efficiently in getting water away from your home

4.) Weatherproof doors

To check for a leak go to any exterior door and feel for any cool air coming through, or light in the seams. Both indicate a leak. This is easily solved by replacing the weather stripping.

5.) Pipe protection

Make any garden hoses are taken off the faucet, and stored in the garage. Then apply faucet protectors to any faucets to protect those pipes from costly freezes!

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