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Choosing the Right School

You have decided it’s time to buy a new home for your family.  Maybe you’re moving to a new area or city and you don’t know where to begin when it comes to looking for the right neighborhood.  If you have children, one of the first things home buyers should do is research the schools in the areas.

Websites such as is a perfect place to start. Its very simple to use, all you need to do is enter the name of the city you are looking to move to and a list of all the schools will pull up with their greatschools rating, reviews to read, and even links to see available homes for sale in the area of each particular school.   The ratings are mainly based off standardized test scores, student academic growth, and college readiness.  Some schools may have additional data that factor into the rating.  The scores run from 1-10.  1-3 is considered below average; 4-7 is average; and 8-10 is considered above average.

If you are in need of special education, meeting with the school to discuss your child’s specific needs and finding out exactly what the school has to offer in their special education program is top priority.  This needs to be a good fit for your child to be sure he/she is receiving the best education in a positive environment.  You may need to interview multiple schools.

Other things to consider when choosing a school, is the extra-curricular activities available.  Access to band and orchestra classes are very important to some families.  Sports may also play a major factor when choosing a high school.  Not all schools offer the sport that your child plays (swim and water polo, for example.)  You may also want to consider if you want your child to attend a 1A, 2A, 3A , etc school.

These are a couple good points for homebuyers with children to consider.  The education of our children is key to their future success.

Please contact us for any of your home buying or selling needs.

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