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Considering Buying a Home? What Makes a Smart Home Buyer?

New homebuyers get told the most common things needed when starting the journey of buying a home.  You need good credit, a steady job, and a down payment.  But these only touch the surface.  I will discuss these in a little more depth but there are more traits that a homebuyer should possess to be successful in buying the right home and to be at ease through the process.

Good credit is one of the most obvious requirements.  This shows that you are responsible with your finances or if you are a frivolous with your lines of credit.  A responsible home buyer needs to get pre- approved for a mortgage.

Stable lifestyle is equally important.  Holding a long term, steady job shows secure income and is required for lending.  Savings accounts fall under this category also.  Home buyers need to be prepared for upfront costs, future costs of maintenance, and the unknown.  Life happens and financial emergencies occur, you should be prepared!

A prepared home buyer knows what their family needs.  They have to be able to compromise and be flexible, yet at the same time know what absolutely is non-negotiable.

Patience is very important.  Be sure to research as much as possible.  This takes time, and will prevent you from making a decision that you may later regret.  Research agents, lenders, neighborhoods, drive by properties before scheduling appointments, consider your commute, down payment options, crime statistics, sex offenders, closing costs and be sure to read the fine print!  Being patient in the high time of spring is a must.  At the end of the day, patience can also save you money and heartache.

Be loyal and honest.  Your agent is here for you.  Don’t go to the homeowner or the sales agent with questions.  Communicate your concerns with your agent.  Let them be your advocate.  They are here for you.

And lastly, try to keep your stresses down, keep your spirits high and just chuckle through some of the things that will arise.

Happy House Hunting!

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