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Costco Is Coming To Bonney Lake

For those of us who love bulk shopping, this is exciting news! No longer will you need to drive out to Puyallup to visit your nearest Costco. The bulk retailer has been approved for a Bonney Lake location, and could open its doors before summer 2017!

The new store would be located between Trapper’s Sushi and the old Albertson’s off of State Route 410. The plans for this new location would be even larger than the South Hill one. This could also include up to 30 gas pumps and updated amenities. This also means a plethora of new jobs for the local economy. Like the South Hill location, this new store will also feature a Deli, Food Court, Apparel Department, Optical Department, Photo Department, Tire Center and Pharmacy.

While many are excited about the convenience of having a Costco closer to home, many are also nervous about the effect it will have on traffic. It’s feared that this will worsen traffic on State Route 410 and nearby backstreets. Costco is well aware of this concern, and in turn has what they hope to be a solution. In their plans, a new traffic signal is set to be built on the highway in connection with 204 Street to help control congestion.

The addition of a new Costco is yet another welcome addition to the growing city. It will bring jobs and an injection to the local economy. As well as a great deal of convenience for shoppers. It’s exciting to see the once little town of Bonney Lake begin to develop into a fully independent city of its own. Who knows what’s coming next?

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