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Declutter Your Bathroom

  1. Check expiration dates. Don’t keep anything after expiration.

  2. One thing in, one thing out. For example, if you bought new mascara, throw away your old one.  A lot of us women LOVE our make up, so if we don’t keep up with this idea of “one in, one out”, our bathrooms can easily get out of control.

  3. Your personal items on the counter, in your drawers and under the sink can be easily organized in containers and jars to save space, keeping your vanity tidy.

  4. Extra storage. You can hang shelves and use baskets to place your items in, or you can buy a useful bathroom shelving unit to store your items. (Containers in a shelving unit would be a good idea)

  5. Throw away or re-gift the bath gifts that are not to your liking. This just takes extra space.  And don’t worry, the friend or family member that gave you the gift doesn’t need to know….

  6. Clean up after yourself. Put your items away immediately after use.  It only takes half a second and saves you searching for items on a cluttered counter the next morning.

  7. Don’t keep anything that is unnecessary. You really don’t need that hotel lotion you brought home from your last vacation.

These tips can help you get started.  But after you have begun, don’t start the bad habits again!  You can enjoy a nice warm bath better when you are in a tidy and well-organized bathroom.

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