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Geocaching: Join The Treasure Hunt!

While not brand new, this adventurous hobby has only been around about 17 years, as long as we’ve had convenient access to everyday GPS tracking. If you always wanted to be a treasure hunter, but didn’t have the time or stomach for the danger, Geocaching could be just the new hobby for you!

To play, adventurers use a GPS receiver or a mobile smart device to track the GPS coordinates to the “treasure”. Usually hidden away off a beaten forest path, in a hidden meadow, or on a mountain trail, is a small waterproof container. This usually contains a logbook and a pen. geocachers who find it enter their name or codename and the date at which they found it, leaving their mark for future adventurers to see. After doing so, the geocacher must then seal the container once more and leave it exactly as it was originally found. Sometimes there are even larger containers that contain little trinkets! Remember to bring your own trinket to leave behind if you take one from the stash! They don’t have to be anything of value, it’s all about the sentiment!

If you’d like to get into geocaching, but you’re not ready to travel far and wide to play, fear not! As you know, Tehaleh is surrounded by many incredible trails! And in these trails are various geocaching stashes! So why not give it a shot, and be the treasure hunter childhood you always wanted to be!

You can make a free account on and get started today!

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