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Have You Explored Tehaleh’s Parks Yet?

Part of the draw to breathtaking Tehaleh is its collection of beautiful scenic parks. Whether you’re brand new to Tehaleh, or simply haven’t yet explored all of your beautiful community, we invite you to check out all the incredible parks Tehaleh has to offer!

1. Sprouts Holler

This fantastic park is for small and big kids alike! It features a soccer/baseball field, an interactive playground, a sports court, and a scooter park! There’s also leisurely trails for a fun family walk. This park is great no matter the time of year! In the winter is also features a wonderful sledding hill!

2. Forest Park

A positively gorgeous place to experience the beauty of the Pacific North West. Forest park is filled with stunning trails through a gorgeous coniferous forest. Hear the birds sing and get closer to nature while still close to home! Another 20 acres or expansion are planned as well!

3. Tehaleh Pass

Tehaleh Pass is the lovely connection between Forest Park and The Post. This beautiful greenway system can either connect you to a longer hike, or be a pleasant short hike through the trees in itself.

4. The Edge

This awesome park offers a safe place for the local teens to hang out! It features an ever popular skate park, graffiti wall, and half basketball court. It also has a lovely meadow area, walking trails, and seat walls for just hanging out!

5. Hounds Hollow

Are you a pet person? Well Hounds Hollow is just the park for you! This gorgeous park features a large, fully fenced off-leash area for your furry friends! It also includes an agility course, an open grassy field, and make dog friendly hiking and walking trails!

6. Yonder

Longing for the wilderness? Yonder Park is the perfect place to close to nature! The park features beautiful wetlands, hiking trails, stunning fields, and natural play areas. Pack a picnic and take the family on a hike! Don’t forget the binoculars for some spectacular bird watching!

7. Ponder

A stunning oasis at the entrance of the Tehaleh community. Ponder features a serene pond at its center, as well as local artwork on display. The perfect place to take a break and reflect!

8. Boulder Dash

A beautiful park with something for the whole family! Featuring scenic views of Mount Rainier, a playground for the kids, and a wonderful picnic spot! It also has climbable boulders and grassy domes, entertaining for many ages!

9. Sticks ‘n’ Stones

Another great and interactive park! Sticks ‘n’ Stones features breathtaking views of Mount Rainier, boulders, stumps, and logs to climb and play on. It also has a wonderful playground and picnic tables! There are also plenty of green lawns and natural play areas to enjoy!

10. Knoll Park

Another gorgeous natural park to enjoy! Beautiful natural trails winding through the trees promise a scenic hike! Explore the trails and have a day of fun in the wilderness!

11. Big Sky Park

A positively thrilling park to play at! Big Sky Park features a set of T-Rex ribs for a prehistoric climbing experience, as well as water channels for plenty of splashing! There’s also a zip line for some fast paced adventures! Enjoy the trailhead, picnic area, and bocce court for more fun!

Have you explored all of Tehaleh’s parks yet? There’s so many to choose from, there’s certainly a park for every family! Why not check out a new one next time the weather is pleasant?

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