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Helpful Tips To Prep Your Home For Spring

Spring isn’t quite here yet, but you can still start thinking about what you need to do to prep your house for spring and summer.  Making a “To Do” list will help you stay on top of the maintenance needs of your home.  You can add to this list over the next month or two and we recommend scheduling  appointments in advance with contractors before they are overloaded with people who waited till the last minute.   We believe that the tips listed below will help you bypass any problem and keep your home functioning smoothly.

  1. Contact a heating and cooling contractor to clean and service the outside unit of the air conditioning system.

  2. Remove any firewood that may be stored near the home. Firewood should be kept 18 inches off the ground and a minimum of 2 feet from the house/garage.

  3. Examine the roof for damaged shingles.

  4. Check for loose, leaky or debris filled gutters. Also be sure that downspouts drain away from the house and are clear of debris.  It’s actually a good idea to ensure this is done early fall for areas like Western Washington; it seems like rain is a daily occurrence out here late fall, winter and spring!

  5. Fill low spots in the ground to avoid water draining into basements. (This is another tip to do in the early fall here in the greater Seattle area)

  6. Seal any available access to under your home. Animals are likely to seek a place for nesting.

  7. Trim trees and shrubs. You want to make sure branches are not touching the house to help prevent damage.  Also be sure to remove dead branches.

  8. Examine flashings around the chimney.

  9. Check your furnace vents and also change filters regularly throughout the entire year.

  10. Reseal windows and replace screens.

  11. Examine the dryer vent. Make sure it is clear of lint to prevent a fire.

  12. If you have a range hood, be sure it is clear of any debris.

  13. Spring clean the interior of your home. Wash windows, clean the grout in the tile, shampoo carpets and unclutter.

Hopefully these tips help you get prepared for spring.  Start your list, set your appointments for anything that you may need professional assistance with and stay on track to complete the tasks at hand.  After all that is out of the way, ENJOY all that spring and summer have to offer!

If you’re looking to sell or buy a home, please contact us. We are more than happy to help!

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