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Regarding Bonney Lake 26 Preliminary Plat

There’s been a lot of big changes happening recently in the Tehaleh area, and lots of new terms being thrown around and you may find yourself feeling confused. The Community Association Manager recognizes this and wants to help bring some clarity.

One of the terms often coming up nowadays is “Exception Areas”. What this is referring to are the chunks of privately owned property that is surrounded by Tehaleh, but not a part of the planned community. A portion of these “Exception Areas” currently have families living on them, and consist of 2, 5, and 10 acre plots. It’s possible that over the next few years, some of these parcels of land will be developed as they are in the county’s Urban Growth Area.

In recent news, a preliminary plat for “Bonney Lake 26” was submitted by Soundbuilt Homes. This will essentially start the planning process of permitting the residential development of two plots that total 26 acres. You may have already seen the yellow “Public Notice” sign along 198th. Though by now you’re used to seeing these yellow signs around in relation to Tehaleh projects, this one is unrelated to Tehaleh and Newland Communities.

If you’re curious about details or have concerns, Pierce County is currently accepting public comments. Feel free to review the application to see what all is being developed, Now is the perfect opportunity to ask questions and leave your feedback. To find how to leave your comment, you can go here. You can also email the County Contact listed on the Public Notice sign:

Thanks to the Tehaleh Owners Association for sharing this information. A strong community is well informed and unified. We encourage you to share your thoughts and opinions with Pierce County.

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