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Start a New Tradition This Leap Year

It’s February 29, 2016.  Every four years, an extra day is added to our year to keep our calendar year in sync with the Earth.

What does this extra day mean to you? Possibly it’s your birthday and this year you can celebrate on the actual date your were born rather than February 28th or March 1st. Maybe this day just means that you have to wait one more day longer than most February months for your paycheck that is deposited on the first; Maybe this day doesn’t affect you at all and you haven’t even thought twice about it.

What if you took this extra day this year to do something that you have been feeling the need to do? I encourage you to take this extra day and make it meaningful. All too often, many people wish they just had “one more day .” Contact that friend that may just need a reminder that you are thinking of them. Reconnect with a family member or loved one.   Maybe you want to take today to enjoy something that you don’t normally take the time for and just simply smell the roses. Give a little joy to someone today, do whatever is on your heart and make this extra day we are blessed with a little more special.

Don’t waste this Leap Year by going through the motions of only your day to day tasks.  This could be the first day of a new Leap Year tradition for you.

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