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How to Make Santa REAL For Your Little Ones

In this modern day and age it can seem like the wonder and imagination of childhood is fading quicker and quicker. But the holidays remain a time where many children still look to the skies in hopes of seeing a jolly fellow in red. If you want to truly preserve that sense of wonder a few years longer, we’ve devised a list of simple ways to make Santa real for your little ones!

1. Mail Your Letter to the North Pole

That’s right! You can actually send your child’s letter to Santa himself! And he’ll even write back! And best of all, his letter will be post marked from the North Pole! You can send your children’s letter to: Santa, North pole, Alaska North pole christmas cancellation postmaster 5400 Mail Trail Fairbanks AK 99709-9998

2. Elf on the Shelf

Whether you’re a fan, or find those lifeless little eyes creepy, Elf on the Shelf is a fantastic way to keep the magic alive for your child. Plus it’s a good chance for you to let your creativity out!

3. Track Santa Around the Globe!

With this cool website, your child can watch Santa’s status as he moves around the world! With this site you can enjoy videos, maps, and sneak peeks into Santa’s village!

4. Get Creative With the Gifts!

If you want to avoid suspicion when it comes to the present(s) from Santa, there are a couple you can do!  First, make sure to use DIFFERENT wrapping paper from the other presents for Santa’s present! This small detail can leave a big impression! And next, consider tucking the present away somewhere not next to the rest of the presents. Discovering this special present will be an exciting surprise for your child, and will once again make it feel different from the others.

5. Be Mindful of Your Own Behavior!

Often times, the fastest way to kill the magic of Santa for children is by the behavior of their own parents. You’ll want to be very careful with conversations. It’s easy to slip up and say something that will destroy the illusion and break your child’s heart. Be mindful that your children are not around when having this kind of talk! It’s also important to remember to remain enthusiastic about the big jolly man! Stay excited about Santa, or your child WILL pick up on your vibes. If Santa’s such an awesome guy, why would mom and dad be bored by him? Don’t let your own attitude be what ends the wonder!

6. Cookie Crumbs and a Thank You Note!

When your child wakes up Christmas morning, make sure there’s crumbs left where Santa’s plate of cookies once sat! And to add another element, you can leave a thank you card from Santa! Try using a fun stationary your child has never seen, and be sure to disguise your handwriting!

7. Catch Santa on Camera!

You can use this app to edit Santa into a photo of your home! For a young child, it will simply blow their mind to see Santa by their very own tree!

8. Snowy Santa Footprints!

Using simple household items, you can create the illusion of Santa’s snowy footprints near the fireplace or door! Your child will light up with excitement at the sight of them!

We hope these tips make your child’s Christmas all the more magical!

We also understand that In the end, the magic can only last so long. But as long as you keep your child’s understanding of Christmas rooted in the right places, be it family, faith, or generosity, the holidays will still remain special to them. So go forth and make some beautiful memories!!

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