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Planting for your zone

     In order to have the most vibrant plants (and to give them the best chance of survival), it is optimal to select plants for your yard that are appropriate for the zone you live in. The USDA has created a map of the United States all divided up into zones based on plant hardiness. For those that live local to our team in the 98391, our plant zone is 8b. If you would like to check out a different zone, the map can be found here:

     Zone 8 is one of the warmest growing climates, with warm summers and relatively mild winters. Our local zone- 8b - includes plants are those which are hardy (and therefore most likely to survive the weather) down to 15 degrees. Those of us in 8b have very long growing seasons. We are also in good company, with a quarter of the US falling into this zone. 

    But what plants really thrive in this environment? We are glad you asked! there are 3 different types of plants that thrive in 8b, including shade loving plants, sun loving plants and evergreen plants. 

1.) Shade plants

hydrangeasm lilacs, echinacea, dicentra 

2.) Sun required plants  

dahlias, salvia, begonias, calla lilies, cannas, gladiolus, lilies, daylilies, coneflowers, iris

3.) Evergreen plants

abelia, daylilies, lantana, petunia, oleander, peonies  

There's lots of other greenery that loves our weather conditions as well! 

1.) Sun loving herbs

Lavender, Mexican Oregano, Rosemary and Sage 

2.) Succulents 

Agave and Aloe 

3.) Trees

myrtle, cypress, juniper, oak, southern magnolia, dogwood 

4.) Ground Cover 

English ivy, creeping juniper and cloves

5.) Vegetables

corn, cucumber, kale, lettuce, onions, spinach, peas, beets, tomatoes and sprouts 

6.) Fruit 

Blueberries, blackberries, grapes, apples, cherries, peaches, plums, figs 

Consult your local nursery for additional guidance. 

Happy planting! 

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