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Keeping Up with the Gardening Trends...

Spring is officially here! We are having more sunny days, the temperature is warming up (albeit slowly), and we even have daylight after dinner. That means it's time to dust off those gardening gloves & spruce up those yards! But where do you start?! Especially for those of us that are a little green thumb challenged. Check out the popular garden trends for 2023 for some inspiration. Before you know it, your yard will be gorgeous & your neighbors all jealous!

1. Grow Your Own Bouquets

Imagine having an endless supply of floral bouquets for inside your home this spring & summer. The house would smell amazing! You can do this by planting cut flower gardens in your yard. This could include easy to grow flowers such as sunflowers, zinnias, & cosmos. If you are a more experienced gardener, you could even try your hand on rose bushes. With these design ideas both your outdoor AND indoor living spaces will be popping with color!

2. Creating a Mediterranean-style Garden

This type of garden has two main benefits- it uses less water (which is a great option for those hot summer months) AND it will create a gorgeous area. Lavender plants are a key component of the Mediterranean garden, which is already a very popular plant choice in the PNW. Lavender is considered a hardy plant, it smells lovely, and is gorgeous to look at. Other Mediterranean-style plants to try include olive trees, bougainvillea vines & fragrant herbs (oregano, basil, rosemary).

3. Vertical Gardening

This gardening trend will sure to be the most popular, as it is possible for renters, homeowners, city dwellers & those on farms. That's because it maximizes the space we going up! Vertical garden ideas include stacking pots, hanging wall planters, large wall planters, & mobile garden planters. This is also a great idea for adding some natural privacy to your property as well.

4. Bright & Colorful Outdoor Spaces

Use plants in a variety of bright colors to make your yard really *pop*! Michigan Gardener Tracy VanVolkinburg shares her vision for this trend "the garden for me is like a new art project each year, and going to the garden center is like opening a new box of crayons. My favorite part is the creating!" Another tip is to make sure to incorporate the other areas of your yard into the color scheme by using colorful throw pillows, chairs, umbrellas, etc. So get creative & colorful gardeners!

5. Create Natural Paths

Consider using natural stone to create a walk way in your yard. By using natural stones, you can blend large & small stones to create a path all your own. Then use grass or moss seed to create greener between the steps. Landscape Designer Jan Johnsen states "rustic stone paths with small stones or stepping stones make us watch our step and slow our pace. They make us appreciate our garden".

Happy planting! Be sure to tag us in your finished project pictures on social media.


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