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Washington named #1 for Millennials

Millennials are currently the largest population in the US, with a population around 80 million. Today's Millenials are between mid-20's to early 40;'s. Even if you don't fit into this age bracket, a population this large will have a HUGE impact on American culture, consumption, and on individual state's. Financier Adam McCann estimates that Millennials are responsible for a whopping 21% of all consumer discretionary spending. Yet, despite their high education levels and purchasing power, they are financially worse off then their parents. This is due to a variety of factors, including coming of age during the great recession with lowered their job prospects ad earning potential. Their employment was also impacted at a higher level during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, not all is lost Millennials! Every state is different! WalletHub recently conducted a study to see the best (& worst) states for this generation. The researchers looked at affordability, education, economic health, civic engagement, physical health and quality of life . Each state was given a score for each category, and then tallied up. Washington state ranked #1! Great news for our Millennial Washingtonians! While WA ranked in the top 5 for highest salaries, it didn't score the same for homeownership. Let's change that!!

Send us a DM. Our team would love to schedule a time to meet over a coffee or a beer to discuss how to help you reach your goal of homeownership. The market is shifting buyers. Let's go find you that dream house!!

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